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Wedding Gifts Couples Don’t Want

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Mississippi Wedding Articles » Wedding Etiquette

If you are attending a wedding, you may wonder what type of wedding gift to get the bride and groom. There are literally so many choices today. This can be a great benefit – to have so many choices. But it can also add in challenges. When you have so many choices, there are also some gifts that the wedding couple truly are not going to want to see. How can you avoid getting them gifts that they really aren’t going to want to receive? By paying attention and thinking creatively you will know exactly what to get them for an ideal wedding gift.

Most brides and grooms do not want to see gifts that are duplicates of items they have already received from their wedding registry. So if you check their wedding registry and you see that they have already received their silver wear and their plates, you should think about getting them something else. Think creatively – what other items might they appreciate if they already have silver wear? Maybe they would like a nice tablecloth and napkins for holiday entertaining? Or something else to decorate for the holidays for the table like some nice candlesticks. You can use ideas from what you see has already been bought off of the registry to help you find the right gift.

Many brides and grooms would also not appreciate an inappropriate gift. Do not buy the bride and groom something like sexy lingerie or silk boxer shorts for the honeymoon unless you know them really, really well. And if you know them really, really well and you are their great aunt – please don’t buy them sexy lingerie or silk boxer shorts! They would appreciate so many other types of gifts. You could get them a gift card to a favorite store or a gift certificate to a restaurant. Think of something that you know they like and you’ll find a really great gift that is sure to be a hit. The honeymoon is yes, a time when the bride and groom are going to have a romantic time together. But that is personal and private.

So how can you find a great gift for the bride and groom? Think of what you know they enjoy the most. What interests or hobbies do they have? Perhaps they would appreciate salsa lessons or cooking classes to learn Thai cooking. Giving the bride and groom some type of interesting experience is a fun and very unique and popular gift. This is great because after the wonderful wedding is over they still have the fun of your gift to look forward to.

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