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Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

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Are you thinking about writing your own wedding vows? Many couples choose to do this for their weddings. Writing your own wedding vows can be beautiful and is a wonderful way to add meaning to your wedding ceremony. Your wedding vows are sacred. When you say these words you are joined together with your beloved. So it makes sense that you would want to say words that had special meaning to the two of you. Even if you do not feel that you are a great writer – you can still write beautiful wedding vows that your future spouse will appreciate.

The most important thing to do when writing your own vows is to write from the heart. Write how you feel and what you mean. You simply want to share what your future spouse makes you feel and how happy you are to be with them. Sharing openly from your heart will make your vows meaningful and heart-felt. Write down how you feel and think of exactly what you would like to say. How does your spouse make you feel? What did you think when you first met them? What is so special about them? Think about what words would have the most meaning to them. This is what you want to say.

Every great writer knows the secret of editing. Most writers know that their first draft is not their final draft. People who do not write think that people that write only write things in a single motion. But most writers go over and over and over what they write to craft something beautiful. You want to hand-select every word with care and feeling. Put your vows down for a day and go back over them with fresh eyes. See if there is anything missing or if you have said anything twice. Don’t be afraid to edit your words. It is important to know the secret of editing your vows.

When writing your vows you may find it inspirational to read others’ vows. Other people have written their own vows. You can find people’s vows online at wedding websites. You can also check out traditional wedding vows in books of many different types. Reading these vows will help give you ideas of what the wedding vows should say and what you feel would be most important to say. There are so many beautiful things you can say in your wedding vows.

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